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Horse Riding with Nomads

Feel awesome Nomadic horse culture & enjoy your dream ride with the legendary Mongolian horses. Horseback riding is the best w

The Nomads’ Tradition

Besides from Mongolian beautiful landscapes, the main attraction of our country lies in its nomadic tradition and unique lifestyle

Contrast of Mongolia

This trip offers you to discover great variety of cultural diversity and natural attractions across the country from South to Nort

The Silk Road – On the Trail of Nomad Herders

Discover cultural diversity and natural attractions of Mongolia spread along the Silk Road. The Silk Road is the oldest trade rout

Taste of Mongolia & Gurvanbulag adventures

Enjoy the best of Central Mongolia on this multi adventure tour! This multi experience -packed trip lets you experience legendary

Holy Altai Inspiring Trail

An uncommon adventure will take you through the wilderness of Altai, the highest mountainous region in the western Mongolia. From

Snow Leopard Quest

The snow leopard is the most mysterious and rare wild cat. It is estimated that there are 1,200 of them lives in Mongolia. While y

On Horseback to the discovery of the Taiga

Be ready to ride to the discovery of the Tsaachin community. This mythic ethnic will welcome you in their home place in mystical T

Golden Eagle Festival 2018

This journey will immerse you into untouched beautiful nature and rich cultural heritages of western Mongolia. A great opportunity

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