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The Great Festivity of the Nomads

The fantastic trip gives you the opportunity to enjoy the classic event famed as the “Nomad Olympics” and takes you to behind the cultural background of ancient traditions inherited from generations to generations for centuries along…

Length: 11nights / 12days
Tour starting: 06th of July



06 Jul Day 1 Travel to Khustai National Park
Pick up at your hotel  and travel to Khustai National Park for 100km, the area of 50620ha reserve protects wild Mongolian horses famed as Takhi (Przewalski’s Horse). Visit the park to see wild horses. Stay overnight in Ger camp. LD

07 Jul Day 2 Travel to Kharakhorum
Travel to Kharakhorum for 270km. We will visit Erdene Zuu monastery, the largest and first Mongolian Buddhist temple complex built on the remains of Kharakhorum city. Visit a local cooperative to attend a workshop for making small felt products. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

Wrestling-TourMongolia08-09 Jul Day 3-4 Naadam Festival Days!
The Naadam Festival, celebrated each summer, originated many centuries ago as a test of courage, strength, daring, horsemanship, marksmanship, all skills necessary for nomadic people and warriors. Three manly sports of Mongols: wrestling, horseracing and archery competition make up the core program of the Naadam Festival. Local Naadam festival will be opened officially by the governor of the area and will continue according to scheduled plan of the event. For these days you will enjoy and experience the local Naadam Festival and its wonderful atmosphere of celebration with nomads. Also you will visit the Erdene Zuu monastery, the first and largest Buddhist temple complex in Mongolia and a newly opened Local Museum. Special dinner of “Khorkhog”, truly Mongolian barbeque, grilled with hot stones. Stay overnights in Ger camp. BLD

IMG_399410  Jul Day 5 Travel to Orkhon Valley and making a “Ger”
Travel to Orkhon valley for 120km, is known as the cradle of Mongolian civilization as many of Mongolia’s ancient monuments lie within its borders. Enjoy trekking to deer stone for 7-8kms. Afternoon you will enjoy activities for dismantling and putting a Ger. You can learn how to put a Ger and same time find out deep meanings, symbols and customs related to “Mongolian Ger” in nomadic culture. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

11 Jul Day 6 Travel to Tuvkhun temple
Travel to Tuvkhun temple for 50km, is high in the mountain, marking the north side of the Orkhon valley. Visit the site where Mongolian first religious leader saint Zanabazar founded in 1653 and lived, worked and meditated for over 30 years. Several pilgrimage sites have grown up around the temple and hermit’s caves, including one that is said to be Zanabazar’s boot imprint. Afternoon you will travel for 70km about 2hours to Tsenkher hot spring. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

12 Jul Day 7 Tsenkher hot spring
Enjoy exploring around Tsenker hot spring. With water issuing at a scalding of +86.5 degree C with the stench of hydrogen sulphide, the hot spring is very popular in the area. Surrounding area is green and forested. Enjoy hot spring bath. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

 Ugii lake-Tour Mongolia13 Jul Day 8 Travel to Ugii lake
Travel to Ugii Lake for 150km. The fresh water lake which surfaces area of 25 sq.kms is abundant with water birds and fishes. Walk along the lake shore for viewing bird species and taking interesting photos. Stay overnight in Ger camp. B

14 Jul Day 9 Travel to nomad community
Travel to Gurvanbulag community for 60km. There you also would have probably the best experience to challenge you with exotic nomadic life. The hostess of the family will show and teach you how to produce tasty and nutritious dairy products including “aaruul” dried curds, “byaslag” Mongolian cheese. You can talk with nomad people and get more familiar with their nature loved unique lifestyle. Stay overnight in nomad community based Ger camp. BLD

horse show gurvanbulag-TourMongolia

15 Jul Day 10 Experiencing horse based culture
Today you will watch how Mongolian skillful cowboys catch horses by “uurga” – traditional wooden lasso. Milking mares and you may participate by holding the foals next to their mothers and churning airag, fermented mare’s milk. You would see blending process of Mongolian traditional vodka called “Shimiin arkhi”. No doubt, you’ll be invited to try that vodka, but please not too much. Enjoy horse riding around area. In the evening you will involve the preparation of dinner and enjoy learning how to make Mongolian dish. Stay overnight in nomad community based Ger camp. BLD


Khugnu khan16 Jul Day 11 Move to Khognokhaan & camel riding
Travel to Khognokhaan Natural Reserve for 70km, the area is protected since 1997, covers 46900ha of beautiful granite mountain of Paleozoic age and its surroundings. Optional visit to Erdenekhamba, local Buddhist temple and old remain of Uvgun Monastery is available. Enjoy camel riding trek along small sand dunes for 2hours. Stay overnight in Ger camp. BLD

17 Jul Day 12 Travel back to Ulaanbaatar
Today we will travel for 280km to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to your hotel. End of the service. BL


• Category: Event tours Mongolia

• Places to visit: Ulaanbaatar – Khustai National Park -Kharakhorum – Local Naadam Festival Days – Orkhon valley – Tuvkhun temple – Tsenkher hot spring – Ugii lake – Gurvanbulag community – Khognokhaan mountain – Ulaanbaatar

• Activities: Naadam festival, horse riding, trekking, meet nomad people and cultural visits

• Duration: 11nights / 12days

• Covering distance: 1150kms

• Number of participants: Min-3, max-12

• Season: July

The fantastic trip gives you the opportunity to enjoy the classic event famed as the “Nomad Olympics” and takes you to behind the cultural background of ancient traditions inherited from generations to generations for centuries along. When taking part in the Naadam festival you will experience the thrill of watching hundreds of racing horses with their remarkable young riders, strong wrestlers performing the “Eagle dance” and traditionally dressed archers and impressive competition of ankle bones shooting. But our tour doesn’t stop there; you will also have the chance to discover the training of the fast horses and to explore more in-depth about preparation of wrestlers and making of archery bows and arrows.

local naadam festival-TourMongolia

• Date of departure 2018 (start in Ulaanbaatar):
GF01 05 Jul

Price from:
USD 2190per person (2paying members)

Included: All activities described in the itinerary, twin/double basis hotel accommodation (2 nights) in Ulaanbaatar,  Ger camp stay (11 nights) in countryside, English speaking guide service, entrance fee to Protected Area, all transfers by bus/minibus in the city and by 4WD Russian minivan in the countryside. Meals of breakfast, lunch /picnic during the trek/ and dinner as in countryside.

Excluded: International transportation to and from Mongolia, travel insurance, mineral (bottled) water and alcoholic drinks, tips and gratuities, laundry and items of a personal nature.

National event date: 11-13 July, 2017

Venue: Throughout Mongolia
The Naadam Festival is the most important and biggest event and holiday of Mongolians. This Nomads’ Olympic event includes sport competitions of Wrestling, Horse racing and Archery as called “Eriin Gurvan Naadam-three manly games”.The main festival is held in the capital Ulaanbaatar, although other provinces and soums across Mongolia have their own, smaller scale Naadam celebrations. It begins with an elaborately produced Opening Ceremony featuring dancers, athletes, horseriders and musicians. After the ceremony, the competitions begin. Despite the name, women participate in the archery and horse-racing games, but not in Mongolian wrestling. Another competition of traditional ankle bone shooting became now one of the most interesting parts of the festival.

512 or 1024 wrestlers meet in a single-elimination tournament that lasts nine or ten rounds. Mongolian traditional wrestling is an untimed competition in which wrestlers lose if they touch the ground. Wrestlers wear two-piece costumes consisting of a tight shoulder vest (zodog) and shorts (shuudag). Each wrestler has a second called a zasuul. The zasuul sings a song of praise for the winning wrestler. The champion who won first time is called arslan, “lion”.

Horse racing
Mongolian horse racing as featured in Naadam is a cross-country event, with races 15-30 km long. The riders are children, with the oldest being 10 years old and the youngest only 4. After the races, the top five horses in each class earn the title of “airgiin tav” and the top three are given gold, silver, and bronze medals.

360 targets are put up for the archery competition. In this competition both men and women participate; men fire 40 arrows from 75 meters away while women fire 20 arrows from 60 meters away. The winners of the contest are granted the titles of “National marksman” and “National markswoman”. Our local community based network gives us much potential to offer our clients many special trips to explore Naadam preparation activities. Specially, this kind of trip includes a great opportunity to experience how nomads train and prepare their fast horses for the race. While traveling or staying with a horse trainer you can enjoy and realize the harmony of nature loved unique lifestyle and horse based authentic culture.

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