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Snow Leopard Quest

The snow leopard is the most mysterious and rare wild cat. It is estimated that there are 1,200 of them lives in Mongolia. While you quest and observe the snow leopard you can travel through the beautiful Altai Mountains, with eternal snow-capped peaks and glaciers, are the highest range in Mongolia in the far west. This is one of the very few and special tours that offer a rare chance to seeing Snow leopard and learn more about them with the locals.

Length: 13nights / 14days
Tour starting: 04th of Dec


Day 1 Welcoming day
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar the capital city of Mongolia. Transfer to your hotel. Welcome dinner. Stay overnight in the hotel. D

kazakh -tour mongoliaDay 2 Flight to Ulgii
Transfer to airport and take a flight /3.5hour/ to Bayan-Ulgii province by domestic airline. At the domestic airport of Ulgii town, the center of the Bayan-Ulgii we will greet and meet our driver and guide. Visit local ethnographic museum. Stay overnight in local hotel. BLD

Day 3 Travel to Deluun soum
Today we will drive to Deluun soum for 180kms of Bayan-Ulgii province and visit Kazak family and enjoy their unique tradition of training Golden Eagle for hunting. Stay overnight in nomad family. BLD

Day 4 Travel to Bulgan soum
This morning we will travel to southwest part of Mountain Munkhkhairkhan NP. On the way we will cross over a mountain pass Ulaaghin, the highest pass of Mongol Altai Mounts. Then we will visit Uriankhai family in Guurt area which is homeland of snow leopard. Stay overnight in nomad family. BLD

snow-leopard2-tourmongoliaDay 5 – 8 Exploring Snow Leopards
These days are dedicated for exploring. We will go to Khar Uzuur, head of Guurt area and Ikh Baga Khadaan Gijigt by horse with local mountain guide. These days we will observe snow leopard and their living nest located place in during spring time. Also you have a great opportunity to take photos and record videos of snow leopards. Snow leopard (Uncia uncia Schreber,1776) Legal Status in Mongolia: Listed in the Mongolian Red Book as Very Rare (corresponds to the Endangered category in the IUCN Mongolian Red Book) and Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES). Snow Leopard habitat includes steep broken mountainous regions in the alpine and sub-alpine zones, where vegetation is sparse. Range wide, population estimates to occur in altitude from 2,000 to 3,500 m. Stay overnights in nomad family. BLD

snow-leopard3-tourmongoliaDay 9-11 Exploring Snow Leopards
Travel to Ulaankhus hamlet for 40kms. Trekking along the River Bulgan through the amazing canyon. These days we will explore near the some interesting places and also look for snow leopards. Stay overnights in nomad family. BLD

Day 12 Travel back to Ulgii town
Morning we will continue travel by minivan to Ulgii town for 360kms. Stay overnight in local hotel. BLD

Day 13 Flight back to Ulaanbaatar
Travel to domestic airport and take a flight to Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel. Shopping. Farewell dinner. Stay overnight in hotel. BLD

Day 14 Departure
After breakfast transfer to airport for departure. B

• Category: Special tours Mongolia

• Places to visit: Ulaanbaatar – Ulgii town  – Deluun soum – Munkhkhairkhan mountain – Ulaankhus hamlet – Ulgii town – Ulaanbaatar

• Activities: Visit to nomads, sightseeing, trekking

• Duration: 13nights / 14days

• Covering distance: 3600kms

• Number of participants: Min-2, max-6

The Altai Mountains, with eternal snow-capped peaks and glaciers, are the highest range in Mongolia in the far west. This region is famous by its rich cultural heritages of various ethnic minorities. There are Kazakh Muslim people who speak the ancient Kazakh language and Uriankhan people are Buddhist and shamanistic.

• Date of departures 2017/2018 (start in Ulaanbaatar):
QSL02 05 Jan 2018
QSL03 29 Jan 2019

Price from:
USD 3790 per person (2paying members)

Included: All activities described in the itinerary, twin/double basis hotel accommodation*** (2 nights) in Ulaanbaatar, stay in Mongolian Ger of Nomad family (9 nights) and stay in Local hotel (2 nights) in countryside, English speaking guide service, local mountain guide and horses, field cook, all camping equipments, entrance fee to Protected Area, RW domestic flight, all transfers by bus/mini bus/ in the city and by 4WD Russian minivan in the countryside. Meals of breakfast, lunch /picnic in countryside/ and dinner as mentioned per day itinerary.

Excluded: International transportation to and from Mongolia, travel insurance, mineral (bottled) water and alcoholic drinks, sleeping bag, tips and gratuities, laundry and items of a personal nature.

An advantage of this trip you can travel through different zones and enjoy vast open spaces with natural contrasts within several days. During the trip, approximately it takes 4-7 hours driving from one to next destination. Each 1-1.5 hours, we have short stop frequently for photographs, toilets, stretch and meet with local nomads. In the countryside, we use 4WD vehicles, specially, Russian minivans and Japanese jeeps. Normally, 2-3 people are in one jeep with luggage. The minivan has capacity of 7 people with luggage. All vehicles used in our tours are insured and carefully prepared before departures. Our drivers are also good mechanics, have many years of experience for driving through unmarked, unpaved bumpy roads in countryside.

Generally, in Mongolia water quality is good. But you are advised to buy mineral water. Bottles of Mineral water are available from shops, food markets and kiosks in capital and many of the provinces centers and tourist Ger camps in countryside. Mineral or bottled water usually exclude in our offers since we try to produce as less garbage as possible. But other hand we provide well plenty of drinks like tea and coffee during our tours.

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