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Tsagaan Sar

Event date: 16 February 2018

Venue: Throughout Mongolia

Tsagaan Sar (white moon) is the Mongolian Lunar New Year’s Festival.

The White Moon is the nation wide holiday, celebrated as a greeting of the end of severe winter and beginning of spring time, when nature and people awaken and are inspired for new life and deeds. On “Shiniin Negen”, the first day of Lunar New Year everybody wear their best Deel, traditional clothes and go to visit the oldest person in the family in order to give the respect and wish the best.

The first greeting of the year is expressed through very specific ritual gestures and mutual salutations. Under this ritual as called “Zolgokh”, the oldest person places, his or her arms out straight, with the palms turned down, on the outstretched arms of the youngest person, and both pronounce traditional formulae of good wishes as “Amar mend uu? Sar shinedee saikhan shinelej baina uu? – Mend ee, ta saikhan shinelej baina uu?” while gently touching cheeks. This gesture indicates that the elder can count on the support and respect of the younger.

Traditional food for the festival includes “Uuts” a grilled side with big fat tail of sheep, “Ul boov” traditional pastry and dish “Buuz”, steamed dumpling. Tsagaan Sar is a lavish feast, requiring preparation days in advance, as the family members make large quantities of Buuz and freeze them to save for the holiday.

Based on our community based tourism network we offer our clients a wide range of opportunity to involve in the preparation of Tsagaan Sar and learn all customs, experience the fantastic celebrations in real nomad way.

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