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Below is feedback from past customers. If you would like to add your own feedback about Tour Mongolia – scroll down to the bottom of the relevant year and click on COMMENTS. Our ON-LINE QUESTIONNAIRE can be found at the top of our home page.

Good guide (friendly+ knowledge), good driver. On time, well organized.
Peter Fabricius from South Africa

All service is top!
Wolfram Abel from German

Good program/schedule, a lot of camping during the beginning, luxury at the end, friendly guide, cook, helper and drivers.
Ada Klarenbeek from Netherland

Punctuality, a good background information about tourist attractions & the local culture. I was worried because I booked the trip last minute, but there are no problems at all. Driving was great too. БАЯАРЛААЛА! Extremely friendly.
Dave Bowling from Korea

Everything was taken care of, good tourist camps chosen.
Shu Ting from Singapore

Ger camp staff generally friendly and helpful drivers excellent- how they find their way I do not know! Guide knowledgeable, especially on history and religion.
Dorothy Barker from UK

The personal and friendly attention to all our needs from the guide (Ms. Enebish) and the driver (Yondon)
Lee Thiam Seng from France

We liked the service overall, there was always room for spontaneous actions, like stopping to photograph flying eagles.
Mark Scheerman from Netherland

Our guide and driver were excellent. They performed their duties above and beyond our expectation.
Ronald Ang from Netherland

Ankhaa (I hope I spelled, it correctly). Did a fabulous job making us feel welcome went above and beyond the expectations on many different levels. The one concern I had was that each trip ran longer than planned we had to reschedule several meetings as a result.
Brandon Evans from USA

Tour company is well organized and high problem solving skill when there are issues during the trip. Reliable company. Comfortable car was provided. Itinerary was loose enough to have time for individual ideas and space.
Stefanie Chang from Switzerland

The diversity of the program, staying in several forms of accommodation and the location of the campsites was excellent.
Ellen Ovde Kotte from Netherland

Learning more about Mongolia from our guide meeting local families and learning about their way of life.
Brenda Reid from UK

A first class guide & driver who made the tour easy & enjoyable. Boggie bought stand tickets for us to watch the horse racing.
John Hillier from UK

Friendliness, the car was always clean, good driver, good guide. Guide spoke very good English and was very helpful.
Robert Cangen from Netherland

All the friendly & professional service. Our tour guide Battsetseg was fantastic.
James L Delker from USA

Very friendly, happy and caring couple. We felt like travelling with friends.
Benjamin & Tentin from Switzerland

Service from the guide and driver. They are super nice!
Pim from Singapore

Taking with a knowledgeable guide (Tuvshintur) about the religion, history and current situation of Mongolia.
Yong Su Chang from Netherland

It was essential that we had flexibility and horse/ vehicle back up an all times- the horseman+ drivers were super!
Elaine Brown from USA

All of it liked! Local guide & driver- great knowledge.
Kirsten from USA

Everything was well organized. Every person of the crew was very helpful (cook, drivers, guide and assistant).
Astrid Noordhuis from Netherland

Our guide knew a lot of Mongolia. I think it’s positive that he lives in Mongolia and knows the nomadic and city life by experience. The driver was a kind and funny man. Nice combination!
Dirkje Tankink from Netherland

Good itinerary! Guides are very very helpful and kind. The stay at Ger camp is very nice.
Belinda NS from USA

All services were good. But special: the personal stories, songs, legends from Eenee. She made the trip to a very special one. She loves her country. You feel that!!
Rene Ulashlom & Marian Sendatzki

The food was great, the staff were incredibly friendly.
Stephanie Fynn from Singapore

Interesting and varied programe. It was lovely to stay in a ger camp.
Hetty & Annemiekevan Brandenburg from Netherland

Organization, flexible, listens to your wishes. Good into to Mongolian arts & culture although sometimes difficult for western people.
Floorizone Stani & Talpe Saline from Belgium

Our guide was wonderful! Our driver was too!
Zach Dailey & Wes Hays from UK

Geographical knowledge of the staff. Food was much better than we expected. All needs were covered. We just loved it!
Raeber Edgard & Gisela from Switzerland

Guiding was excellent. Nice cooperation between guide, driver and visitor!
Luc Stinis from Belguim

Balance between walking and active things to explore.
Anneleen van Rijcreghem from Belgium

Both Ankhaa & Altai were fantastic and provided excellent service. Our days in the countryside was my favorite.
Amanda Pollock from USA

David Smith from England June 2013

Amazing country and hospitality people I have ever met.  Our stay at the community ger in Gurvanbulag was my highlight of the whole trip.
The community ger was an excellent introduction into the nomad way of life and the location was excellent.  The 2 nights we spent here were without doubt the best of the tour and the peace and quiet, with not even an aircraft vapor trail in the sky, along with the wide open spaces makes you understand the sort of life the nomads live.
Ankhaa and Lkhagvaa were great as where the vast majority of people that we met along the way.
Would I recommend this tour to other people – without a doubt YES!!

 Christa & David Mackinnon 25 June 2013

We absolutely loved what we saw. A beautiful county and lovely people. Trip highlight was Gurvanbulag camp, horse show, visiting nomad family, camel riding and wildlife.

 Chris Schonten 30 July 2013

It`s a great country with a great future ahead. It can develop to a touristic highlight in the world. Nature and the friendliness of the people everywhere we came.

 Carla Veeger 22 August 2013

I think Mongolia is wonderful country with wonderful people who can be proud of their country. Good to see that Mongolian develop their country with saving their cultural treasures. I enjoyed experience of nomad life and visiting herder`s home.

Elena Whorton 11 July, 2012 

Beautiful country that is about to go through major changes because of coal and other minerals. People were warm and clearly proud of their country. Everyday brought new delights, this trip was incredible. I`m so glad, I came. Our guide was simply wonderful, extremely helpful and clearly wanting to share her love for her country with others.

The entire trip was very well organized and each member of crew did know their tasks and did never refuse to help out each other. Our guide Dambaa was excellent. Thanks for your perfect arrangement Tour Mongolia.

Jane Salvage from England 11-21 July, 2012

My name is Jane and traveled with group of Cox and Kings. Mongolia has wonderful landscapes, scenery and wildlife. I had fantastic trip that will always stay in my memory. It has well planned and mostly comfortable. Drivers were wonderful. I liked most of Ger camps. I hope that will come back Mongolia.

My name is John Benders. Mongolia was great and magnificent more than I expected. We had good guide, save driving and good cooking.


Mike and Julia 19 June 2012

Last summer my wife and I visited Mongolia and toured with your company. We had a great trip. If you are interested, I have a gallery of some photographs viewable at

Jacqueline Guyvenhoven from Holland 13 Sep 2012 

Mongolia is beautiful, diversity country with most friendly people. Highlights were our trip visiting to the nomad family, making fire at the Ger and all great nature views. The crew did very good, they always think of what`s the best for the client.

Many thanks to your special arrangement and perfect organization. This trip we covered three part of Mongolia including Western Mongolia with Eagle festival, Northern Mongolia with holy Buddhist monastery and Eastern Mongolia with huge impressive steppe what we wanted. Mongolia has a wonderful countryside vast and beautiful with the all the cattle. We enjoyed everything very much. Eagle festival in the western small village was so fantastic and surprising for us. We liked all that simple and unbelievable every moment. The camel racing and eagle grubbing were highlights of the festival. We like guides information and organizing skills. Thank you for arranging excellent itinerary. We will keep in touch you again.

From group of Eagle festival trip Netherlands 23 September, 2011

Hey my dearest Ankhaa
How are you? It is so great to hear from you! I have been meaning to email you. I miss you! It was so great to work with you and I cannot say enough that you did a fantastic job. I really hope to come back to Mongolia and see you again! Your company arranged and helped us very well.
It was so lovely to meet you and work with you!
Nicki xx Nicola from CNN

I really like to thank you and Tour Mongolia for the lovely & wonderful memories we have of Mongolia. It is such a beautiful country and I must say that we have experienced so many adventures like visiting the nomads in the countryside, milking cows & herding livestock, camel/horse-riding against the beautiful scenery, building snowman together with guide and driver, learning some Mongolian and so much more!!! The trip was planned really well and all of us enjoyed ourselves so much! Chrystal & I even bought some traditional Mongolian boots at the black market! 🙂 We felt so much warmer after wearing them, and they are so warm and comfy! Thank you so much! We will always have all these lovely memories deeply engraved in our hearts.

Love, Melissa Pang from Singapore. March 2011

We would like to thank you for your wonderful job what you did for us. My personal impression is very good. Mongolia is an unknown country, very long from Spanish. Mongolia has wildlife, beautiful places… The organization and punctuality has been fantastic. We used the times well and we learned many things. We enjoyed wildlife, nature, Buddhist temples and Mongolian people. Our guide Gege was very good and professional with attention her clients. Ganbold was very good driver. He doesn`t know the difficult and he always has solution. Thank you we will see you again.

Carlos Alberto Font Gavira and Ester kuwez Pariente De leon from Spanish 13 August,

We want to say, how much I appreciated all your team made us. Trip was overall fantastic. The total service was more than we even expected. Now we have got Mongolian daughter named Tamira. The highlights were our trip Naadam festival Ulaanbaatar and countryside. It was so nice combination to see both   in one time. We liked very much the kindness of the peoples In Mongolia. Our guide and driver were charming and patient people. The guide was great personality and she looks for everybody and takes care from them. If we come back Mongolia, we will certainly get in touch with you.

Marjo Goris and Henny Bers 20 July, 2011

I have participated International Gobi Marathon in the Mongolian Gobi desert. It was big challenge for me. There is a sense of freedom like this no other place on earth. Mongolia is vast and diverse natural country. Highlight of my trip was running in the Gobi desert and finishing line. Thank you for your all service.

Remy Bernard from Canada 20 September, 2011

We were able to see beautiful people and landscapes. Ancient traditions still maintained a land of proud people happily welcoming strangers to share their nomad’s way of life. We loved the personal attention of a great guide and drivers. Local community ger camp was magical. Naadam opening ceremony was spectacular. Camel Airag/traditional milk drinks/ was better than horse airag. The open space and changing scenery was brilliant. We were made to feel welcome and treated as friends. Thank you Ankhaa, she was wonderful guide and friend went at of way to make everything wonderful. We are looking forward to planning another vacation with you later. It was very pleasant to deal with you.

Rose Toohey from Australia 13 July,2011

Dear Sir,
I felt that I must write to you after a most marvelous trip with your company. Your ‘A’ team (see attached photo) was magnificent and made our holiday a joy which will always be remembered. The five of them were not only a credit to your company but also to your country. The four drivers were always ready to take us on our trips, cars always clean and the drivers always cheerful and so helpful. How they manage to drive those long distances in the unforgiving terrain of the Gobi without roads, it was a mystery to us. They were always ready to help us, stop for photo opportunities, serve us picnics, nothing was too much trouble. AS for Tsolmon, I haven’t got words to praise her enough. She worked non-stop the whole holiday and made it a truly wonderful experience. I can honestly say, having travelled all over the world, this was the best time I have ever had. This was in part due to the hard work of Tsolmon. I had dreamed about visiting your country since I was young, and Tsolmon helped me realize my dreams like riding a camel in the Gobi. She is the dream guide and any of your clients who have her on their trip are so, so lucky. Thank you again for the wonderful trip. Please pass on my thanks, admiration and love to all the ‘A’ team.
Yours faithfully. Lynne Ward from UK 30 June, 2011.

We would like to thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable trip.  The itinerary was excellent and the transport as comfortable as the tracks would allow!
Our four drivers were friendly, very efficient and enterprising with running repairs.
We felt fortunate to have Tsolmon as our guide.  She was charming, caring and really made our trip special, using her initiative to provide us with the best experiences. Mongolia is a beautiful and fascinating country and the Naadam Festival far exceeded our expectations.
Thank you for an unforgettable visit.
Jim and Norma McLean from UK 30 June, 2011

Mongolia was for me a kind of childhood dream which has come true now that I am nearly 70 years of age, more than fulfilled my expectations. The beauty of the country has touched me visually and emotionally. Our guide, driver and cook all get a 10 in the range 1-10. They were just excellent. The guide is a good leader and very knowledgeable. The driver-you always felt safe with, the cook prepared delicious meals. For me this trip was just wonderful and needs no improvement. What I appreciated very much was that we had good camp chairs to sit on! On another trip, we had only 2 wooden benches to sit on, very uncomfortable. Mongolia, a great country with great proud people.

Irmina Dunhzen, Neitherland 2010.09.03-23

We want to thank you for the very good organized trip in Mongolia and special thank to the driver Enhee and the guide Dambaa. They were very nice people. Dambaa has a very good organizing sense and there were no problems at all on the journey. She managed everything very severe and properly. Thank you very much again and we will recommend your company to our friends.

Ceda and Ljubo Misic from Slovenia 2010.08.14-09.01

We would like to thank you and your team warmly for the perfect organization of our trip to Mongolia. We spent 3 wonderful weeks with Dambaa, Chimdee and Tugsuu. They made our trip a great adventure and an unforgettable experience, full of spectacular landscapes, culinary discoveries and secure bumpy roads. Thanks to Dambaa for her availability, information about her country and managing to translate between all the different people. Thanks to Chimdee for his impressive talents as driver and all his work to make sure we were comfortable at all times. Thanks to Tugsuu for the nice recipes, and mixing western and Mongolia recipes so we could enjoy local cuisine adapted to our stomachs.
Thanks also to the local guide and Tamir for the time in the west and the last day in UB City. For sure we will give your contact to anyone would like to visit your beautiful country. Now we are back to Switzerland. We are working on our pictures. Thanks again for everything.

Martine and Donald, Switzerland 2010.07.07-27

Year 2009

My trip was very good and the people were very satisfied and very impressed by Mongolia. Maybe some of them will come back. I was really very happy to be back and enjoyed the trip very much. It was so beautiful everywhere. So green, so many flowers also. We had a perfect team: Moggie, Gana, Dawka, Ocho and Baggie. It was so good to see Moggie, Ocho and Baggie again. Ocho was cooking 5 star meals every day; we could not understand how she did it, under such primitive circumstances. Baggie again was a very good guide; it was a big pleasure to work with him again. We were again very impressed how the drivers could find their way; I think they have a sixth sense for it. This year I saw Naadam for the first time. It was so fantastic. Most of all I liked the opening ceremony and the horse races.

Annika, Dutch TL.  2009.07.20


Can you hear me? Now, I am so far from Mongolia…My holiday was already finished and I have started to work in my small town, it is so hard. I always miss my wonderful trip with you. It was the best trip of my life. Beautiful landscape, hospitality people, delicious meals, friendly staffs and the best company. Thank you and again million thanks for all.Marisa Medina Dhaz, Spain  2009.08.15


Our Mongolian trip was really wonderful. We never forget the landscape, temples and in particularly the extraordinary hospitality of the Mongolian people in nomadic life. Everything was perfect. Food, accommodation and transfers. We had very good guide and drivers. They are really open minded people. Thank you very much for your company.

Dr. Ceyula Salla, Hungary  2009.08.29

We enjoyed the trip very much and were very happy with the experience and complementary of your services. Thank you again for you and your excellent work in arranging for this trip. Western Mongolia was beautiful and fascinating. We truly enjoyed it. The climbing to Malchin peak was so fascinating and we were satisfied it. The Kazakh people are really hospitality and friendly. Our guide is a geography teacher from the region, so he had excellent knowledge of the area, customs, etc.  He was also able to speak Kazakh, which was great. He was very willing to try to help us get answers and was generally a very friendly, likeable, knowledgeable and helpful guide. About meals: 1st night we had dinner at a restaurant where there was a dance group performance. The dance was enjoyable, the meal was also nice. The trekking food was good for the most part; the preparation was pretty good given the camping environment. The pasta dishes were great; the brown rice was also great. Of course our entire trip was truly excellent and well organized. I would like to thanks so much again.
Casey Dove & Sam Christian from USA

Trekking in Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia, July 10-27 2009 


Year 2008

– The trip was perfect. 2 weeks horseriding with the Mongolian friends was so good. We had a super translator and guide, and cook made best food (we really mean that), horse riding guide with his horseman skills excellent and they made all the practical things are perfect. So my 20 years dream of riding over the steppes like Chinggis Khan has been fulfilled and more than that. Thank you very much. I will recommend you for everybody who asks.

Solveig Wiesener and Olaf Jacobsen, Norway 13 July,2008

Everything was quite wonderful. Everyone was friendly, enthusiastic, interesting, and a real pleasure to meet. We enjoyed everything, but especially the people and nature. The three of us will be doing a presentation in October about our trip, to encourage others to visit Mongolia.

Cynthia and friends, USA September,2008

Year 2007

We have a very nice remembrance of our vacation in Mongolia. We had about 600 photos and I made the best album. You did great job and gave us best satisfaction. Andre and Frea, Holland-Thank you so much AA tours for the great trip through Mongolia. We enjoyed every minute thanks to your help, guiding, driving and laughter. We had a wonderful time and hope to be back soon.

Kris and Ingrid, Belgium June, 2007

We had incredible time in Mongolia and particularly in the Gobi. We loved the environment and the people. Mongolia is beautiful. We intend to come back someday. Thanks for your warm welcome and best care. Our service team made this trip unforgettable.

Diana Putters, Holland 12 August, 2007

We enjoyed the trip so much that we wanted to thank you once again. We have the best guide, and service crew. So we learned a lot about not only the land Mongolia, but also the Mongolian life style. Our tour crew were one of the main reasons that we have enjoyed this trip so much.

Lydia and Ellen, Holland October, 2007

Year 2006

Thank you for giving us the best experience. It was a pleasure to travel with your company and we have learned lot about the beautiful Mongolia.

Cindy and Maurice, Holland May, 2006

-We have really enjoyed the trip with service staff… nice challenging puzzles, great food and on time information. Good luck and a lot of success for your company future.

Ans and Annemie, Belgium July,2006

Thank you for all the good information and the good and careful driving. We will never forget Mongolia and your service! We loved it and had a great time. Mongolia and her people are warm, friendly.

Jacobien Van Der and and Rene Delfos, Holland September, 2006

Year 2005

We’re now back in Italy and told to all our friends the wonderful trip we had! First of all our tour guide was very nice and she always asked us which our desires were. And also the driver was a really pleasant person, always smiling even when the car stopped completely and he had to work on the car, he made a great job!!! During the trip we saw so many landscapes we’ve never imagined, it was really astonishing! We can say that we would like to come back again with our friends. It has been a wonderful and amazing tour and we will always remember this extraordinary trip!!

Giovanna and Paolo, Italy 17,June, 2005

We want to thank you for the very good organized trip in Mongolia and special thank to the driver and the guide. They were very nice people. Guide has a very good organizing sense and there were no problems at all on the journey. She managed everything very suveren and properly. Thank you very much again and I will recommend you to our friends.

Ceda and Ljubo Misic from Slovenia June, 2005

Year 2004

I would like to thanks to very kind team of guide drivers cooks, helpful friendly technical experienced. Good information about the country culture & habits in Mongolia.

Lilian Leyen June,2004

Thank you for your best arrangement. The tour was totally fantastic and memorable. The crew all of them was fantastic gentle sunrise winded & people who are proud of the country. When there was a problem, they fixed it.

Agnita Uriend August,2004

Year 2003

I have just finished my fantastic trip.Mongolia is a very nice country. The people are also very kind. It was a pleasure to visit this country. I liked trekking very much. If i have a chance to travel within 5 years,surely i`ll come back. We will keep in touch again.

Elasabeth Wander July,2003

Year 2002

Our relationship began with the preparation of the plan of our trip. I have never had such good contact and the building of a trip which have been so satisfactory and kept to every detail.. We arrived in UB and were warmly greeted and we received the best treatment. After just two days, we realised that we had the best service team looking after us than we had hoped. The team who were a lot younger than us, gave us a great feeling that we had a father and mother looking after us and this was much appreciated and we are very grateful. We wish your colleagues all the best in the world. Many thanks again for all your work.

Hanania, Isreal August, 2002

I want to say thank you very much your strong team. They did very good job and took care us very hardly. we went to Mongolian Gobi desert and landscape. It was so beautiful and unbelievable vast nature. I liked the crew & the cook who cooked wonderful meals in the middle of nowhere Guide was good. Thank you very much.

Petr Komarek May, 2002

I love your nature with whole my hearth. UB is a city where I feel welcome I’m surprised about the open mind for the people from Europe. A wonderful country where culture is to be watched from horseback at the best friendly, open minded people. Helpful. I`m very happy to your work. thank you.

Leanardo Sergardi June, 2002

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