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Gurvanbulag Community Based Eco Camp

Welcome to Gurvanbulag community-based eco camp
The outdoor life with comfort

If you want to get away from hectic city lifestyle, get close to nature and spend a night under the stars, but do not want to give up your city life comfort, we can provide you that. Glamping at community  based Gurvanbulag eco camp is a way to experience great peaceful outdoors, without sacrificing luxury in a beautiful countryside. Staying in a nomadic Yurt \Ger\ with family or friends, living close to the earth and the rhythm of nature, is a magical experience.

The camp is located in the central region of Mongolia where forest mountain, rolling steppe and Gobi sand dunes are found in one place. This unique area belongs to buffer zone of KhognoKhan Mountain Nature Reserve. The local community, called Gurvanbulag owns the camp and a trained team selected out of the community members runs the business. Since the small scale community based accommodation service is made by the local herders’ community, it exists together with local families’ Yurts.  Gurvanbulag – Community Based eco camp established in 2008 and has been actively operated since May of 2010 with the management contribution and financial support of Tour Mongolia.By combining traditional and modern technologies, the Gurvanbulag camp operates in environmentally friendly & culturally respective ways.

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Because of the local people aim to generate extra income as relying and using own resources and advantages, an every member of the community makes their best efforts when serving guests at the camp. Staying in the camp offers a great opportunity to see, experience and learn the nomadic culture more in depth while roaming in authentic life. The community members provide ecological fresh meat, milk and dairy products to the camp in order to prepare and offer Mongolian traditional tasty food and tea.


  • Tranquility & Quietness. This area has no other ger camps anywhere nearby.
  • Perfectly situated nearby nomads who welcome guests at any time
  • Authentic Mongolian Food & Beverage
  • Views & Surroundings. Fantastic view of wide open steppe from your ger
  • Friendly warm staff
  • Active & adventures & rich cultural activities
  • Traditional Mongolian Gers that provided by local community
  • Great location. Combination of different landscapes including rolling steppe, sand dunes and forested mountains.

The Gurvanbulag eco camp ideally locates at the buffer zone area of Khognokhaan Mountain, a beautiful natural reserve in the heart of Mongolia, 290kms from Ulaanbaatar and 7kms from the centre of Gurvanbulag county of Bulgan province. It is a 4½ hours exciting drive from Ulaanbaatar which takes you to Gurvanbulag eco camp, itself are where the local nomads stay with their livestock and horses in the summers, as the immediate area used for summer pasture. Some few nomadic families remain in the winter.


We highly recommend our guests arrive with local bus or by the vehicles that we recommend.
Public buses
– From Ulaanbaatar to Gurvanbulag   every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30am and it takes 4-5 hours.
– From Dragon bus station, which is 7km from center of Ulaanbaatar-From Gurvanbulag to Ulaanbaatar every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
at 8.00 am and it takes also 4-5 hours.
Our camp is located 8 km to the south of Gurvanbulag town. From the Gurvanbulag town it is better to take a local taxi to get to the camp.

  • Capacity & Service
  • Leisure Activities
  • Attractions
  • Tours
  • Projects


The ger camp is seasonal in the summers, and is fully collapsible. It may be relocated leaving no more impact on the area than a herdsmen family would. It has 10 twin occupancy yurtsGER and 8 triple occupancy yurts. There are also 2 family size yurts, with a double bed and two beds. The yurts have wooden floors and are beautifully decorated in traditional nomadic style with hand-crafted furnishings. Each yurt is designed to be as cozy as possible and has its own wood burning stove: close to nature with every aspect, carefully considered to ensure any impact on the surrounding environment, that is kept to a minimum.

gurvanbulag-inside-ger   yurt-for-triple-stay
Each yurts have comfy traditional beds with good, sprung mattresses(80х180 cm),tables, chairs, wood burning stoves, a bell fast sink & sheets and towels are all provided.


The Restaurant serves Mongolian and Western-style dishes in an authentic over sized yurt with 40 seats, similar to those used by great Khans centuries ago.Every morning our cooks prepare festive breakfast buffet with freshly baked bread, natural yoghurt and fresh milk provided by the neighboring nomads. One delicacy you should not miss is the urum, a creamy milk product which is irresistible on a piece of warm bread or bun topped with some butter & berry jam.The lunch and dinner consist of two to three-courses of set meals. Many traditional foods prepared by fresh meat and milk supplied by the community members and it will be offered to the guests. Any special request about diets either vegan or vegetarian, even halal meals can be provided for your pleasure. Please contact a staff member at the Restaurant Yurt to discuss your specific requirements.





Mongolian food & beverages









A restaurant allows you to enjoy cold beers and soft drinks, and offers selection of selection of wine, vodka, spirits and sodas including domestic varieties such as Chinggis vodka and Golden Gobi beers. Tea, coffee and welcome platters with dairy products are available all day long. Fresh vegetables and fruits are harvested from organic farms in nearby Bayannuur village. Because Mongolia is one of the few remaining places where livestock are herded on fenceless, open pastures and eat a wide variety of grasses, shrubs, and herb species, Mongolian meats are organic and some of the freshest in the world. All dairy products are acquired from local nomadic families and pasteurized onsite.
Purchasing food and supplies locally provides this remote region with opportunities for economic growth through responsible tourism.

There is a TV that shows well known Mongolian films with English-subtitles and folk music and performances
We have a collection of movies, documentaries, slideshows and PP presentations that depict the natural and cultural treasures of Mongolia.
A full list with descriptions is available at restaurant. These are available for viewing in restaurant from 15:00 pm to 17:00 pm every day, and 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm every evening.  To schedule a viewing, please contact our staff at restaurant yurt. For a day hikes, you may ask the cooks to pack a lunch for you to take.

gurvanbulag-eco-camp-showers   img_1555    eco-camp-composting-toilet

Showers are provided in two separate yurts. Shower yurts with hot water heated by solar panel and has a fire stove, why it is warm and cozy. Perfectly normal dry composting toilet with comfort. The toilets are long drop style allowing for natural decomposition.

A library ger with a suiting collection of books on Mongolian culture, history and people. There is a chess game and other fun stuff. Feel free to use the library ger at your own leisure. Nomad library ger project that promotes local children to read books and play traditional games, communicate with tourists and get acquainted with people all around the world. On the other side of this library allows tourist to meet with local people.

nomad-library-ger    22

·        Children’s Playground & sand toys
·        Sun terrace
·        Yoga math for your meditative walk
·        BBQ facilities
·        Mountain bikes
·        In case of lack of solar power because of bad weather, we’ll provide you by the    wet warm towel and hair washing service.
·        To charge your batteries, head for the Restaurant Ger
·        Laundry service is available and may be requested by completing the laundry form located in your ger.

– The Yurts are completely off-grid
– Promotes & encourages recycling
– Gasoline generator, solar panels & solar lights installed
– Every yurt has a solar panel that provides electricity for its needs such as lighting
– Heat is provided by wood burning stoves. The woods prepared locally & from a sustainable resource
– Guests are encouraged to arrive by public transport to minimize their impact on the campsite’s natural environment and biodiversity.
– On-site composting and recycling is possible
– All Yurts, and shelters made of sustainable coppiced or pollarded trees and species, that are selected for natural rot resistance, therefore no
preservatives used in the construction
– We actively offer a guided horse, bike and walking tours of the area.
– Breakfasts made from locally-sourced ingredients. Locally sourced seasonal dairy products and vegetables, homemade breads, fresh milk in
welcome table.
– Managed septic system for grey water waste
– Biodegradable shampoo, soap and conditioner are complimentary to all guests and utilized bulk containers & dispensers




 There’s something to keep everyone entertained, regardless their age. Eco-Camp is obviously a lot of fun

By staying Gurvanbulag eco camp you will have a great chance to explore & experience authentic nomadic life and culture in depth as being friends with Mongols. You will get acquianted with traditional ways for making dairy products from the start to complete end, and even you can involve activities as you liked.
– Enjoying daily life of nomads, exploring animal breeding , learning tradition of the Ger-felt dwelling, seeing Mongolian horsemanship, riding horses and hiking around natural beauties are parts of your joy.

Gurvanbulag 1   Gurvanbulag 2

During your stay in Gurvanbulag camp we usually provide this extraordinary opportunity to learn about nomadic lifestyle and culture. Nomads are very open and welcoming for visitors. When visiting there our clients can share, talk, learn, show, look, experience and feel about nomadic lifestyle. During such visit many different activities ranging from just seeing a simple life to learning traditional technologies as involving in-depth processes are available.

Gurvanbulag 2   Milking-a-mare-at-Gurvanbulag-camp-768x512
20160515_105852-768x576   20160814_160500-768x576

Many traditional foods prepared by fresh meat and milk supplied by the community members will be offered to the guests.

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In the country of the five snouts*, taste the nomadic farmers’ life. Take a break, for a game of jacks, a cup of hot wood-burnt milk tea, fresh cottage cheeseand a glass of Airag, enjoy Mongolian hospitality.  If you feel like it, you can participate in the shearing or milking of the animals when the flocks gather, be amazed by Mongolian horsemanship.

Archery-Mongolia-1024x531  Mongolian-archery-Gurvanbulag-1-763x1024

In the area of the camp we have prepared old style archery pitch for everyone who wants to exercise Mongolian archery. If you are keen to learn Mongolian style shooting or learn about it we are welcome to teach you techniques and introduce about Mongolian archery and its history. You can see movie about legendary Mongolian archery at the Restaurant ger in the evening.

Horse-catching-768x390  horseman-Gurvanbulag-200x300

watch how Mongolians  skillful riders catch horses with “Uurga”& horse taming

Steppe-horse-riding-227x300  Training-for-horse-ride-e1484297430148

We offer great opportunities to those who wishing to experience the riding in the country of nomads. A variety of rides are possible, from crossing mountain passes to pack-trips across the vast steppes that make up much of the country. Our clients will have the chance to ride one of the oldest breeds, the indigenous Mongolian horse, which is built for fortitude and endurance. It can be a ride either for half an hour or up to 6 hours according to availability of time and due to clients’ riding experience. We provide best suitable horses according to clients’ skills, either competent riders or beginners. Every Mongolian herder is a good rangers and a skillful racehorse trainer. They will support your safe and successful horse riding.  Before starting a trek they usually instruct rules for riding Mongolian horses and help them to adjust stirrup leaders in suitable length.

Hiking-to-rocky-hill-Gurvanbulag-770x1024  Hiking-trekking-at-Gurvanbulag-camp-768x423

The best way to experience Gurvanbulag’s unbeatable combination of natural beauty, cultural riches and unique nomadic lifestyle is to walk. The surroundings allow you to make hikes in any direction. The hiking at the camp is spectacular. Our guides will direct you across the river where you can access a seemingly endless wilderness of rolling hills covered with wildflowers and herbs.

Mongolian-sand-dune-768x432  Sand-biking-280x300

One of the true adventures to explore natural beauties and cultural uniqueness of Gurvanbulag is having an incredible experience by traveling on bike. We are able to provide 2 mountain bikes for rent at the camp. We can suggest best biking routes in and around Gurvanbulag area.

IMG_1056-768x512  Couple-with-Mongolian-costumes-200x300

Getting acquainted with the local culture and the way people live is the best way to appreciate and understand Mongolia. Nomad library Ger allows you try out traditional Mongolian dress /deel/ for make you stay more enjoyable at free of charge. This experience add a little more fun to your trip and a photo to remember your trip in Mongolia.

building-a-Mongolian-yurt-768x512  erecting-a-ger-768x512

For those who feel the soul of a builder, ask for an initiation to the assembly of a yurt.

Nomadic-traditional-game-768x461  24-200x300

The camp is equipped with a library ger with a suiting collection of books on Mongolian culture, history and people. There is a chess game and other fun stuff. Feel free to use the library ger at your own leisure. Every guest is invited to browse and borrow the books from our small library.  We encourage travelers to donate books no longer needed for the enjoyment of future visitors. A variety
of indigenous and Western games are available for use in Nomad library Ger.  Guests can learn how to play the most beloved Mongolian game, Shagai (sheep and goat anklebone).

We have a collection of movies, documentaries, slideshows, and PowerPoint presentations that depict the natural and cultural treasures of Mongolia.  A full list with descriptions is available at Restaurant Ger.  These are available for viewing in Restaurant Ger from 15:00 pm to 17:00 pm every day, and 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm every evening.  To schedule a viewing, please contact our staff
at Restaurant Ger. In the evening enjoy our mini Mongolian costume show and traditional dance with camp staff and nomads.

ancient-tomb-at-Gurvanbulag-camp-1-768x513  Rock-painting-at-Gurvanbulag-247x300

Your travel choice for Gurvanbulag Archeological sightseeing tour will assist the conservation efforts in the area, as it bring finances to the local economy and protection efforts.


Besides the holiday trips, our clients can also involve in certain volunteer programm. Most programs cover active & friendship collaboration with local communities in the fields as: teaching for languages, ecological awareness, painting, making handicraft; taking care for orphans and planting trees & assisting small scale community based projects; assisting rural school for building, maintaining and developing visual training materials and so on. For more info please contact us.


Mongolia is known as the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky – You can enjoy and observe the stars at night through the clear sky.



takhi Mongolian wild horse


The Hustai National Park in Mongolia is world famous for the successful reintroduction of the Przewalski horse Equus przewalskii. In addition to these wild horses, roaming freely in their land of origin again, the park and its surrounding area have much to offer to the lovers of the nature and the culture of our beautiful country, located in the heartland of Asia.Hustai National Park proudly present the Przewalski horse – Takhi, the only still living wild ancestor of the domestic  horse, and other wild life. Takhi reintroduction project is continuing with good result and first generation of Takhi born in the wild are reproducing themselves now.

In 2014, there are 32 groups of Przewalski horses and their total number is reached over 320.The quality of the various ecosystems within the park assures an abundant wildlife. Till now 52 mammals, 223 bird, 2 amphibian, 3 reptile, 15 fish and over 500 insect species have been recorded. Many of these are mentioned in the Red Data Book as globally threatened with extinction such as the Przewalski horse, the Mongolian gazelle, Red deer, Roe deer, Argali sheep, Grey wolf, Marmot, Lynx and many more. Most time of the year Hustai National Park is an excellent place for observing birds as many species are spectacular due to size, rarity, numbers and behavior.
Notable are the number of large raptors like the Black vultures, Golden eagles and several species of Falcons including the highly valued Saker falcon. Other birds include the Demoiselle Crane, the Great bustard, The Black Stork and many more.Approximately 450 vascular plant species have been recorded. Among these are many medicinal rare and endangered species.There is a good chance to see all of these wild lives in Hustai in short period.
Cultural and archeological sites: Hustai National Park is the place not for only wildlife. In history, Hustai has always been a well known area. In the past it has been protected as it was a holy place for local people. The area in and around the park is rich with archaeological and cultural sites.The area of Hustai National Park is showing many traces of ancient habitation and use. Among the oldest ones are the many Neolithic graves that dot the upper terraces of Tuul River valley, as well as some of the inner valleys. The oldest ones are reported to be over 4000 years of age.The most spectacular grave site is called the Ongot Grave. About 1200-1400 years ago people of Turkic origin carved the grave stones like in which man-like features can easily be recognized.In the Tuul river valley the remains of small temple can be found which built some 200 years ago.




This settlement ruin is situated near Khar Bukh River Bridge, 12km from Dashinchilen Soum, Bulgan Aimag. The locals call it Khuntaijyn Balgas or Khadaasangyn Balgas. This ruin is believed to have established during the Khitan period because the roof tiles, containing the 9th-10th century’s Khitan inscription, found from the area. And it was same as that of Chin Balgas. In the 17th century a stone monastery was built on the site. This settlement had enclosed an area of 500m long each side and alongside of the main road there were building traces some of which were surrounded by a ditch.

 In the 17th century a stone monastery was built on the site. This settlement had enclosed an area of 500m long each side and alongside of the main road there were building traces some of which were surrounded by a ditch. Surprisingly, these buildings were constructed of volcanic rocks, a grindstone and shale. Currently, some remains of the 2-storey castle are there. A scientist Kh.Perlee found the 15th-14th century’s papyrus book of code in the ruin. These papyrus books contained various themes of religious sutras, law books and alphabet spellings of Mongolian traditional script. Khar Bukhyn Balgas was taken under the state protection in 1998.
KHUGNU KHAN MOUNTAIN NATURAL PARK  Ruin of Uvgun Khiid or Erdene khamba monastery
Uwgun khiid- TourMongolia  khognokhan mountain 1
ugnu Khan Natural Park is located at 250 kilometres (155 miles) from Ulan Bator, Rashaant county of Bulgan province on the road to Kharkhorin. Covering an area of 47000 hectares, this park contains many historical monuments, forests of silver birches and poplar trees, and sources. The ecosystem of this park is particularly interesting because the steppe and the taiga meet here. So, we can find a fauna and a flora that are characteristic of these two ecosystems, and also some wonderful landscapes, with the granite formations of Khugnu Khan. Created in 1997 as a natural reserve, it became in 2003 a natural park, that is to say an area protected by the State for its educative, historical, cultural or environmental value.This is a magnificent place with mountains, forests, steppes, Gobi-type desert and mineral water sources all in one location. There are many wild animals such as wolves, deers, foxes and snow leopards inhabited here. In Khogno Khan Natural Park, there is an extraordinary sand dunes called Elsen Tasarhai. “Elsen tasarhai” is a part of the Great Mongolian Sand dunes and extends about 80 km. The scenery is a perfect combination of desert, picturesque mountains, river and green grassland.
One of the main attractions of this area is Uvgun monastery which was built in 17th century by Saint Zanabazar who was a great sculptor and the biggest representative of Buddhism in Mongolia. During Middle Age feuds between Western and Eastern Mongolians (Dzungaria and Khalkh Mongolia) after the collapse of the Mongol Empire. The armies of Dzungarian leader Galdan Boshigt noticed the golden roofs of the temples in Khogno Khan Mountain and massacred the partisan-monks of the rival Zanabazar in 1640, killing them by tying their necks with a rope (the Mongolian verb for the action is khognokh) as if they were goats and sheep. This is the meaning of name of the mountain. After democratic revolution in 1990 the monastery was restored by the granddaughter of the monks who was living at the monastery. This area is pleasant for many activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and horse riding.


This 80-km sand dune is situated in a terrain of 3 Soums, Erdenesant of Tuv Aimag, Burd of Uvurkhangai, Gurvanbulag of Bulgan Aimag, starting from west of Mount Batkhaan and stretches along west of Mount Khugnu Khan . The main road separates this sand dune into two parts, Mongol Els on the south and Khugnu Tarnyn Els on the north.
The sand is sodden under its surface, so shrubberies such as willow, elm and dogwood, grow in the area. There are many tourist camps around the sight. Elsen Tasarkhai is surrounded by Mount Khugnu Khan on the north and Mount Ikh Mongol on the south.


Ugii lake
Covering 25 sq km area, Lake Ugii is situated in Ugii Nuur Soum, Arkhangai Aimag. It is 7km long and 5km wide. The lake is 1337m above sea level and at the deepest part it reaches up to 15m. This lake fed from Khugshin Orkhon flows into Orkhon River. 14 kinds of fish such as a perch, a Luce and about 150 types of aquatic birds gather at Lake Ugii. Since scarce birds like a cape barren goose, a spoonbill, a Dalmatian pelican live around the lake; it has been involved in the international network to preserve birds of the goose and duck groups. Women are not allowed to enter and swim in the lake, since it is a sacred lake.




The contrasted nature of Gurvanbulag is the hidden untouched wilderness in central Mongolia.This is where you will roam. On these Gurvanbulag stay included tours, travelers get the chance to feel like locals and become a part of the country, the culture and experience the surprisingly powerful energy of trust and collaboration.

Enjoy Epic Mongolian style &  best of Gurvanbulag

Enjoy the best of Gurvanbulag camp on this legendary nomadic culture!
This heritage -packed tour lets you experience Mongolian horsemanship performance, archery competition, wrestling and horse riding as well as the community atmosphere, epic movies about ‘Three manly Games’, traditional food & feast at Gurvanbulag eco camp , in the heart of Mongolia.

Taste of Mongolia & Gurvanbulag  Adventures

Enjoy the best of Central Mongolia on this multi adventure tour! This multi experience -packed trip lets you experience legendary nomadic culture, visit to  ancient capital Kharakhorum, Erdenzuu monastery, relaxing at natural hot spring, hiking and horse riding at national parks, traditional food & feast at Gurvanbulag Eco Camp, in the heart of Mongolia.

Horse Lovers Paradise at Gurvanbulag

Feel awesome Nomadic horse culture & enjoy your dream ride with the legendary Mongolian horses.
Horseback riding is the best way to know a place and explore the natural beauties. We ride on vast steppe and it is off beaten trails from tourists. This wonderful trip takes you to huge steppe, land of nomadic family with growing their horses, sheep and cows. We ride across the stream, sand dune, green hills and grass land in the countryside, camping on river side makes you to love nature and respect the horses.

Guests on an Eco Camp Horse riding Paradise can choose between easy and active options each day and enjoy a 3 level of Horse riding course with full program of Mongolian horse riding manual.

The Silk Road – On the Trail of Nomad Herders

Wander off the beaten track on the ancient Silk Road !!!
By joining this trip you can experience a great variety of cultural diversity and natural attractions of Mongolia spread along the Silk Road. The Silk Road is the oldest trade route in the world that connects east to west. Known as caravan road, the first caravan started around 100BC, with the shimmering fabric from China to the Mediterranean sea. According to the historical documents and scientific researches, part of ancient Silk Road had been crossing through the Ikh Mongol sand dunes in Central Mongolia. Nowadays, nomads who live in this region, offer an unique trip to experience a caravan culture while enjoying the camel riding trek. Besides enjoying camel riding you can visit some worth visiting places including Orkhon river valley-UNESCO world heritage site, ancient ruin of Great Mongol Empire’s capital city, first and one of the biggest Buddhist monastery, fresh blue lakes, last surviving species of wild horses and further more.

Homestay at Gurvanbulag community 4 days

Visit last remaining nomadic culture

Mongolian pastoral herders make up one of the world’s last remaining nomadic cultures. For thousands of years they have lived on the steppes, grazing their livestock on the lush grasslands. This tour takes you to the real experience of exploring the nomads in the beautiful nomad community called as Gurvanbulag. By joining this tour you will explore the true nomadic culture including the lifestyle, custom, traditional meals and clothes and lot more

The ‘Nomad Library’ project is intended to reduce educational poverty by providing books to Mongolian countryside children who many otherwise not have the opportunity to access a library. This library doesn`t wait the children to come to it, but it directly goes to the children, made in a Ger, the Nomad library travels through the Tuv, Bulgan, Khentii provinces and stop few days around central villages, or summer places of nomad herders. Another main purpose of the Nomad library is to be a cultural and ecological education center in the remote countryside. Since the beginning of the project in 2008 our company involved in it, and fully supported its successful implementations for 9 years already. Many of our clients visited \during the stay at Gurvanbulag soum near the camp\ and donated the Nomad library project, and involved as volunteers to teach the children some elementary English.

gurvanbulag-mobile-nomad-library    tour-mongolia-nomad-library-2017

The major potentials of Mongolia for a successful international tourism development lay in the beauty of its unspoiled landscape as well as its cultural heritage, in particular by today’s pastoral
nomad herders’ traditions and life. To experience the authentic nomadic lifestyle is one of the major tourist attractions in Mongolia. More and more herder families who little realize this core value are starting tourism activities in the popular visitor destinations. But there is still a big gap in between service providers in local area, namely local communities, and tourism service buyers, namely holiday makers, who travel in Mongolia for leisure purpose. In order to contribute local initiatives and helping the communities to connect potential customers’ market, we established a comprehensive network of Community based tourism.
Here you get more information about our communities. But service`s & activitie`s facilities are different for each community.

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We are registered member of