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The Flora & Fauna

Various Flora 

Mongolian vast territory hosts several kinds of ecosystems. Forests consist primarily of pines and birches. They also shelter berry bushes and shrubs like the blueberry and blackcurrant trees and the potentille. Steppes and meadows hold graminaceous and wild wormwoods. Steppes blossom in spring and to a lesser extent in summer with myriad flowers such as edelweiss, gentians, geraniums, eyelets, delphiniums, peas, ancolies, rhododendrons, asters transforming Mongolia into an infinite garden. Deserts (including the Gobi) and semi-deserts are covered with sparse vegetation comprised mainly of saxauls and thorny bushes without leaves and with very deep roots.

Rich Fauna

Apart from the domesticated animals, the most widespread mammal is the marmot. Foxes, rabbits, squirrels, jerboas and other badgers are also common in the steppe. Wolves are present everywhere on the territory. The possibility of seeing wolves in summer is rare like the chance to see other threatened species such as brown bear (much rarer Mazaalai, Gobi’s brown bear), lynx, Saïga antelope, black tailed gazelle, wild ass and wild camel, ibex and other Argali sheep. Snow leopards are still present in mountains. Takhi (or Przewalski) horses were successfully reintroduced to and are now galloping freely through their homeland.

The bird lovers will not be disappointed: Vultures, eagles, falcons, magpies, cranes, corbels and larks accompanied in summer by swans, geese, pelicans, herons, ducks and 457 species of birds occupy the Mongolian sky. 75 species of fishes can be found in rivers and lakes.

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